Friday, August 28, 2009

Brainwashing of America's youth...

Brainwashing of America's youth, one Tobey spawn at a time.

There is a term that has been thrown around a lot lately in our household and that term is brainwashing. Personally, I find it to be a tad offensive as brainwashing can never have a good connotation, right? You may be wondering why that term is being slung around and without airing too much of our dirty laundry online it is because Tobey told Simba she was no longer welcome to live in our home.

In response to being asked to leave Simba deems anyone that disagrees with her views as being brainwashed by us. She has even said her best friend is brainwashed by us. Oh the power we wield over people we rarely see! The simple fact is that Simba's view of brainwashing is the rest of the world's view on parenting and being a decent, productive citizen.

Do I brainwash my children? Sure. Doesn't every parent? Don't we as parents teach our children by our own moral and religious compasses? You don't see Catholic families raising Buddhist children for the most part. I contend that it is our job to teach our children from the vast wealth of life experiences we as parents and productive members of society have learned. If the child heeds that advice their lives will go a bit smoother than those who do not heed said advice.

That being that case then I am really glad I brainwashed my children into using the toilet and not pooping in their diapers. I am happy I brainwashed them not to touch a hot stove or pot. I am particularly pleased I brainwashed them into thinking an education and good grades were important and going to college is the norm and not the exception. I am happy I brainwashed them into thinking there is a higher authority then any one on earth. I am glad I brainwashed them into not using their cell phones or texting while driving (not that they listen to that one though). I am proud that 4/5s of the spawn know the difference between right and wrong. And this list goes on and on about how parents 'brainwash' their children; it is just the rest of the world calls it parenting, teaching, setting boundaries, learning consequences for your actions and being responsible for your actions.

Now I am not saying that folks can't be non-conformists. I don't have a problem with that at all and think that some of my views religiously, parentally and politically are not the norm. My opinion is you can be a non-conformist all you like as long as you don't become a Jim Jones, David Koresh or Timothy McVeigh. As for this house though, in our home, we require folks to live by a few simple rules that are designed for the good of the entire household and most of them revolve around respect for yourself and others. And if someone is having issues in their life and they ask us for help to get back on track - we expect them to live up to the standards we have set (and they agreed to) to achieve such lofty goals.

In the end though it boils down to one thing in life: in each situation you either contribute to it or you contaminate it. Think about that for a minute. Every thing you do every day, you either contribute to or you contaminate. For example, I just contributed to taking the boys to school. I will further contribute today by going to work and doing my best at my job which will contribute to thousands of folks getting their utility bills. They in like will pay their bills which will contribute to the City having funds to pay my salary. I will take my salary to the grocery store and contribute to their bottom line. And so on and so forth.

So I suppose that I do 'brainwash' my children after all and I am glad that I do. I sure as heck hope that you 'brainwash' yours too!



Bottom line. The most important thing to remember is that kids need to learn to be responsible for their actions. This filters down the rest of their lives. The sooner you teach this to them, the better. I, for one believe that you and Tobey are doing the right thing, as hard as it might be for the both of you not wanting to see her experience what you know will be a bad situation....she's made choices. Let her live with them. Don't be like another parent that we know all too well. Stick to your guns and remember, you're doing the right thing for everyone.


Not being a push over is very important in the world of parenting. Even though i'm not a parent, nor will i ever be, i've learned that ALL people, even your own kids, will walk all over you if you let them. Consequences are good for them in the long run. 10 years from now, she'll no doubt be thankful for it.

Mwah ha ha ha ha - sounds like we have brainwashed you as well! But I concur with your comments.

I agree completely and thanks for being the best parent anyone could ask for even though someone we know doesn't think so :)

Love ya bunches,
Carebear :)

Thanks honey - you made me cry! They say parenting is the toughest job you'll never er ever love and that is so true. Thanks for the support you brainwashed child o mine! ;)

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