Monday, August 17, 2009

Contests and such

Ree over at The Pioneer Woman hosted a contest a little while ago off of her Tasty Kitchen site. All you had to do was be a member (I am) and post a comment (I did). I figured I was in like Flynn. I also figured my time was up and I was due to win something, anything. Heck the last time I won something it was tickets to see Grease in 1978 but I digress....

So I planned on winning this little contest. The prize was fabulous: a trip to Ree's lodge for the weekend with the other 3 winners and their guests. A weekend of cooking and pioneering, count me in! I mentally packed my bags and then I had to make the decision of who my guest would be.

First thought was Tobey of course. But what fun would that have been for me him? None. Next thought was one of the girls, but they aren't into cooking and pioneering, so they were out. What about Martha? I don't think she reads Ree and I am still coping with her not wanting to go to the Clay Walker concert and calling dear Clay a redneck singer, so she was out. Who could I take....

I know! It would be the perfect person to select. She reads Ree I think, I know she knows who Ree is at least. And who cares if she doesn't. She is one of those blog associates that I feel I know even if I don't. I would invite Ree from The Hotfessional! Ree with Ree wouldn't that be perfect? Who knows if she would be willing to go, I bet she would though.

So Ree, you have won my contest of "If I won PW's contest for the lodge weekend and who would I invite" in all I have to do is pray I won and somehow the email got lost. I am also planning on winning the PowerBall tonight and have packed my bags on that one as well!



AWESOME! I'll finally get to meet the "other Ree". Hee hee.


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