Sunday, August 16, 2009

A question on lollipops

Have you seen the new Dell laptop commercial* sung to the Lollipop tune?

I have a question: why is the second guy in the commercial shown standing up presumably from a bending position and why on earth is he fastening his overalls and why was he undressed in the dark to begin with. Why? One too many psych courses in college lead me to believe something is running amok in the um sucker lollipop factory. The fact that whilst we have our boy fastening up, we also have another guy in the background sliding down a pole that is between the first two guys. That is some slick subliminal advertising Dell. But I still have questions:

Wasn't he dressed prior to getting to work at the lollipop factory?

Can you see the director: "Ok, Bob you stand here and we are going to fade into you singing. Now Fred....I want you to be bent over in front of Bob but out of camera shot and when Bob gets to the Ohhhh lollipop part, I want you to pop up like a daisy and finish dressing yourself."

Fred: "Um, won't some perverts out there like Mrs. Oh think Bob and I were doing something we shouldn't have been doing under the conveyor belt or do you think the public is going to just get lost in the whole Dell buyers are a bunch of suckers theme?"

Director: "Naw, not even Tobey caught on the first 300 times he saw the commercial and as for suckers, well, they probably already know that."

Sing with me now, "Lollipop, lollipop, oh lollilollipop, lolliPOP!

*Great, now I have read the comments on the YouTube site and they all say the same thing I did. I promise I saw it first!



I still don't think anything like that when I see this commercial. I dunno. Maybe I'm missing something, but if I don't see the gay subtext, I'm thinkin' you just have a dirty mind. lol

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