Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maybe, Maybe Not.

I did get around the emptying the china cabinet tonight and not much else. This was due to the fact that the temperature in the house was pushing 90 degrees and it was cooler outside then in. Yep, you guessed it: the a/c went out again.

I could write volumes on this a/c unit and I have in the past. I think there is a subliminal message in the brand name Payne because they have caused us physical pain and have been a major pain in the wallet as well. We tried to get several folks out to look at the unit again. The weekend, after-hours rates are ridiculous. But then we found Air Zero. The owner said he could be out tomorrow morning around 8 a.m. and for that we were so happy. Tobey told the owner that the house was already 90 degrees and we would appreciate it if he could come as early as possible.

Do you know what happened next? He called us back and said he would try to make it out that evening. He arrived right on time at 8 p.m. while it was still drizzling rain and he replaced the capacitor again. The same capacitor we had repaired this time last summer. And he did it for about $75 less than last year while it was under warranty. Nice!

Not long after the a/c was fixed the power started to fluctuate and then it went out. While the kids and I scrambled to light candles and find flashlights the power came back on. Isn't that the way it goes. With all of this going on I decided the china cabinet could wait one more day. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not.



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