Saturday, August 8, 2009


I don't seem to know where the time goes any more these days. For days I have been wanting to clean out the china cabinet. Maybe this weekend I can get to it. Maybe not. Ree over at The Pioneer Woman had a china giveaway this week and I didn't win. I don't know how on earth my sis-in law Lil Martha wins so many blog giveaways. And me nuttin'. I was so ready to win that 8 piece china set and put it in my china cabinet...

Then I got to thinking. I don't even own a set of china. Well, that isn't really the truth. I have several sets for the kids put up in storage. But me, I don't have a set. I used to and over time I have gotten rid of things and outgrew things and now: no china. I miss having china.

I do have my mother's danish tea service which belonged to her grandmother. I also have a few odd pieces of Bing and Grondahl's Seagull china but not a full set. I actually was collecting it bit by bit on ebay in hopes of getting a complete set someday and I wanted to give it to my mom as it was her most favorite pattern. Then she had to go and die before I could complete the set and I haven't purchased a piece since then. To be honest, every time I look at it in the china cabinet it just breaks my heart all over again.

Our everyday 'china' is Corelle's Iris pattern and I love it as much today as when I bought it years and years ago. It matches my purple pyrex serving dishes perfectly. But for fancy dinners it just won't do. Especially at Christmas, the purple clashes with all the red and green as you can just imagine and we can't have that.

So a few years ago when I was hosting some holiday dinner I purchased plain white plates from Big Lot's of all places. They were originally from Target if that makes it any better. They blend in well with all the white serving pieces Tobey's mom gave me when they downsized their house and they work well with any table cloth or charger I want to use at the time.

Those plates are stuffed away in the top of one of the kitchen corner cabinets where I need to get a step ladder out to retrieve them. Needless to say, I don't retrieve them all that often. I figure if I move them to the china cabinet they will at least be more accessible and then I might use them more often. Right?



The seagull plate is beautiful. Just beautiful. I hope there comes a time that you can look at it and smile. xo Kim

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