Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Way back Wednesday: My Grandmother

June and Ro

I absolutely love this photograph of my grandmother and her sister Rosella. My grandmother is the one seated. I love the stark contrast of their white dresses against the dark backdrop and I can imagine how soft the fabric must have been. What I really love about this picture is the ring my grandmother is wearing. That ring sits in my jewelry box as she gave it to me when I was about the same age she was in this picture. She told me it was not a ring to wear everyday, it was a cocktail ring. Of course I had no idea what that was at the time and I can honestly say I have never even worn it. But that doesn't lessen its importance to me.

Another thing I noticed while preparing this post was my grandmother's eyes. The same eyes as my father and me and the same eyes as my boys. All blue. All the same shape. I like that we all share this one little trait, handed down from generation to generation and hopefully onward from here.



Wow! Beautiful picture. It's amazing how much you resemble your grandmother. Especially in the eyes, nose and mouth.

In the words of Mr. Ohtobe. "Awesome."

That comment was so superior! *snort laff*

I've never seen this before - it's fantastic!

Is it on the CD of family photos that you made for us?

Nope - I got this and those ones of Dad as a teen last year at Grandma's funeral from Uncle Jerry.

Ro & Matt - sharing some major DNA!

And Porkchop too!

She's beautiful. And obviously passed down lots of genes. ;-)

Obviously Ree has not seen pictures of me! ;)

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