Friday, September 4, 2009

Change of Heart

I have had a change of heart and for someone as stoic as myself, the change is revolutionary. No I haven't found a new religion or started a diet. This change goes much deeper: I have decided to embrace the Photoshop.

I hate change in just about all aspects of my life. BT (Before Tobey) I refused to even update my computer software, I figured it worked just fine the way it was and I wasn't interested in learning anything new nor was I interested in getting new-fangled features with such updates. I was content in my stupidity which is why I had not embraced the Photoshop before. Sort of.

I have tons of software I could use to manipulate images with. I have Coral Draw, Illustrator, an earlier version of Photoshop, PS Elements, Fireworks and a little unknown Microsoft program which I just love to bits. The problem wasn't so much the programs but my attitude towards them. My attitude has changed.

If I am being honest here I must admit I really looked down my nose at folks that would manipulate their photos into being something they weren't at the time the shutter was released. Prior to owning PS CS4 the only editing I would do to a picture was to sharpen it a bit or correct the color and if I was feeling especially frisky I might have thrown the thing into black and white. But I can do all sorts of things. I can make me not even look like me. And. I. Like. It.

For example, this picture Matt took of me at Frodo's wedding. This photo has not seen the light of day until now. I look at it and think: ugh! Look at my wrinkles, look at my freckles, my goodness could he have zoomed in any closer, eh gads is that a pore? But with Photoshop CS4, lookie what happened:

I airbrused the heck outta me and now I love this picture enough to post the before along with the after. I find it interesting that I put the photos side by side and asked Tobey which one he liked best. He liked the after shot the best and asked what I had done to the original; apparently Tobey has a gaussian blur filter for me naturally which is just one more reason to love him.



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