Sunday, September 27, 2009


Quechee National Park, Vermont
I read a ton of blogs. I think I might have mentioned that before somewhere in here. I started reading Scribbit after seeing her comment on something at the Martha Stewart site and I have followed her ever since. From there I started visiting other visitors of her site and then visited their visitors and so on and so forth and the next thing you know I am starring in my own Breck commercial.

I pretend like all these folks actually know me. And maybe they actually like me too. I'm sure we would all be girlfriends in reality. I can only think of a handful of blogs that I actually got the courage to comment upon but for the most part I am a lurker. I like being a lurker. Lukerdom works for me but I have noticed having a lurker really bothers my little OCD self.

Almost everyone that visits here I know. Or know of. Or they are just looking for the Carrabba's Herb mix recipe. Except for you - yes you: the visitor from Vermont. Hello Vermont-person! Welcome!

I racked my brain trying to figure out who I knew in Vermont. No one. Then I thought about what I knew about Vermont. Um. Not much. Trees and syrup about sum it all up. But never the less every few days I get a Vermont visitor and that intrigues me because the only visitors I get here I pretty much browbeat them into reading me. But Vermont - you come here of your own free will. And for that, I think I love you. Okay, that might be a stretch but maybe you could be included in my little list of girlfriends or boyfriends or whatever.

So hello again to my little Vermont visitor how on earth did you find me! Leave me a comment, tell me about you, send me your link if you have a blog. Maybe I'll send you a prize if you do, most likely not, but you never know. Who knows, maybe you will take Ree from The Hotfessional's place on the 'if I ever win a trip to the Pioneer Woman's lodge who would I take with me' and I might take you instead. So leave me some love already, k?



Well, aren't you fickle? ;-)

*giggles* You know I still luvs ya!

I tend to lurk, but since I live with you, I figure that's okay... B-)

Awww Butter but you also comment from time to time and our new Vermont friend came, saw and no commentie :(

i get the same Vermont visitor who also visits my hub pages and doesn't ever leave any comments. i'm only aquainted with one person in Vermont. This is the same person who searches me up on dogpile. Strange.

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