Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pete & The Ballerina

The other night Tobey and I went down to the Pet's Mart to pick up a new lead for Daisy. I wonder if going 'down to the' store is a Southern-type of saying. It seems I rarely go to Pet's Mart but I often do find myself going down to the Pet's Mart or down to the Wal-Mart or down to the Panera. Any who - we are there and I saw a couple who also brought their couple of dogs into the store.

Now these folks you would recognize any where. They were just those kind of people. You know the kind, they looked like Star Trek fans or folks that visit Renaissance Fairs. They just had that look about them. I think it was something to do with their eyes. Now you may be thinking to yourself: doesn't Mrs. Oh like the Star Trek and didn't she write about her trek to the Ren Fair in Tampa? Why yes I did and do but the major difference between me and those people at the Pet's Mart was they look like they dressed for the costume! You know the type. Kinda like Frodo....but I digress to a completely different kind of story.

So Tobey and I are looking for a new lead and they walk by with their dogs. One of their dogs was a doberman pincher in a pink ballerina's tutu with matching shoes. Not the woman we saw. The dog. The doberman. In a tutu. A pink tutu. With shoes. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and yet I was secretly jealous because no one in this house would allow me to dress up our pups like that let alone take them out in public in said garb.

We picked out our lead and headed up to the checkouts where the tutu couple was also checking out. And in walked Pete with his owner. Pete was a ginormous black lab about the size of a Winnebago. Pete locked eyes with the tutu dog and it must have been love at first sight. That or Pete really had a thing for the Arts. This is what I heard next:

"Pete. Pete! Don't you go sniffing up that dog's skirt!"

Only at the Pet's Mart my friends. Only at the Pet's Mart.



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