Sunday, September 13, 2009


Last night we had one of our family game nights. We played some Taboo and then went on to play Outburst. I love Outburst so much that we not only have the board game but we also have the electronic version as well.

The premise for Outburst is simple. You divide yourself into two teams and the first one to score 60 points wins. The game comes with cards with topics on them, your job is to guess the 10 answers for each topic and you receive one point for each correct answer. The topics range from Things in a Purse to Radical 60's icons. The answers on the cards are interesting to say the least, the answers aren't necessarily the most popular to the topic. For example:

Chewie pulled a card for Tobey, Nappy and Butter to answer. The topic was Forms of Birth Control. Tobey and Nappy pretty much sat this one out as Butter rattled off a never ending list of forms of birth control. I think she scored 8 out of 10. One of the answers that she missed as stated on the card was 'Homosexuality'.

Really. Homosexuality as a form of birth control. Can you just imagine. Sitting in your bedroom contemplating birth control and the myriad of options out there for you. Do you choose condoms or the pill? What about the shot? If you are particularly snappy you can even choose the rhythm method. But no, somewhere in the depths of your mind and not wanting to add to the exploding birth rate of this planet you decide to go the route of homosexuality. What were the makers of this game thinking?

I suppose if there are any benefits to being homosexual, birth control would have to be up there on the list if you get past all of the discrimination that goes with being homosexual. You have no rights with your partner under the law but hey: at least we have birth control covered. Then there is the thought of AIDs but again hey, at least no one is going to get pregnant.

If they are going to add homosexuality as an answer for the Forms of Birth Control then why don't they add in 'personality' as a form of birth control. Or lack of bathing. Or marriage. How about bad dental hygiene? What about poor fashion choices?

Maybe we should just stick with Uno instead.


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