Monday, September 14, 2009

The Dog Park: Part Doo

We took the puppies out again to another dog park at Crest Lake. They all seem tuckered out except Max who wants to play ball right now. Max might have been more tuckered out if he would have actually got off the park bench but I digress.

The park at Crest Lake is lovely and divided into four sections depending on the size of your dog. We took all the dogs, Max included, into the big dog section and what fun we had. Baby became intimately involved with several dogs to the point I was thinking of calling in Stabler and Benson to investigate. Max was so scared he sat with me on the bench for the most part and Lacy kept to herself on the outskirts of the park.

Daisy didn't quite know what to make of the 20+ dogs running around. She attempted to join in with them but when they started sniffing her she began to whimper and whine so much it was quite embarrassing for her and us. Not to be outdone with all the whimpering going on, Lacy joined in with her hooting and sounded more like an owl than a dog. Couple that with two dog owners not really caring that their dogs were too aggressive to be in a dog park and we decided Crest Lake was not the place for us after all.

The boys and Butter had to take Daisy out of the big dog section and calm her scaredy-cat-self down. We ended up taking all four of the pups to another section marked 'non-aggressive' where two nice ladies were with their 3 puppies and everyone got along well. They chased the tennis ball we brought and Daisy ran Max over on more than one occassion to the point we are thinking of renaming him SpeedBump.

From now on though we will be taking the pups to the dog park at Sand Key. It is a few more minutes drive in the car but it isn't crowded. I was a bit put off by a few of the dog owners that really didn't seem to care that their dogs were pretty rude to the rest of the bunch. Who would have thought there were school yard bullies at the dog park.




Lacy is our friend Rob's dog whom we have been dogsitting for since July.

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