Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Taste of Clearwater

Tonight Tobey, the boys and I will all be at the 20th Annual Taste of Clearwater held at the Harborview Center in downtown Clearwater. This will be our 4th time volunteering at the event and it is something we look forward to each fall. By volunteering for 2 hours not only do Tobey and I get in free but we also get guest passes. If we were to pay for the four of us to go to the Taste it would have cost $72.

There are supposed to be over 50 restaurants in attendance but it seems that last year the restaurant turn out was lower than in years past. Apparently the economy has also hit the Taste. The one thing I enjoy most about the Taste is being able to sample dishes I would never actually order in a restaurant, like the Vindaloo Curry I had last year. The chef asked how spicy I wanted it and me being a clueless gal with a Danish/German heritage (meaning I know bland food) told the chef to make it the way he likes. And he did. I won't be ordering the curry this year.



That's only because you're a curry idiot. i know that you secretly want to be at the next table at the Indian place, to "observe".

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