Saturday, October 17, 2009

An apple a day....

It seems since we put up the Halloween decorations that I have been in a funk. I have chalked it up to all of the pain I am in with my latest round of back issues but I think it is something else all together. An no, I don't think it is the Vicodin either. I think it has to do with the looming holidays. The holidays mean Christmas. Christmas means Mom's birthday. And all of that means we are going to have another holiday and birthday without her.

While I am begrudgingly adapting to her not being here any more, I am finding weird little things that bother me. I suppose the weird little things are the only things I have left that I haven't dealt with. Lately what I find myself missing is her calling me Apple. No one else calls me Apple and I miss that. Same things goes for Frodo. Mom called him J.P. and no one else calls him that and I am sure he misses it as well.

Personally, I am tired of missing her in all of the major things and in all of the minor things. That's all I got folks.: I just miss my Mom.


I could call you Apple, but I think that would be kind of weird, cause that seems like a special thing for you and Grandma. I called Husband JP a couple of times when we dated the first time, and he looked at me weird. I figured it was a write off and never did it again.

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