Friday, October 16, 2009

A response:

This post is in response to two comments I received on my post about the State giving guns to children to hunt down feral hogs. The first response was from Ms. Collazo's sister and the second from Ms. Collazo herself. I am honored. Not really. Especially when they do not even give me a way to contact them other than posting another post on the subject. The joy.

First, last I checked the first amendment was still intact and I have freedom of speech. If you do not like what I say you are more than welcome to not let the door hit you on the fanny as you "X" off of my blog. My blog is not here to 'spread venom' as Ms. Collazo's sister assumes. My blog is here to update my family and friends on what is going on in our little world and from time to time I comment on things in the world that to me seem off. Judging by the 205 comments that story has generated at the - I know my views are not unusual and my views on this subject are pretty much in line with the rest of the world.

Second, my reference to The Deliverance was in no way directed towards the way Ms. Collazo and her daughter look or dress. It was a reference to the backwoods mentality (the State's) that would allow something like giving guns to children to shot feral hogs. The fact that Ms. Collazo felt the need to make fun of my Halloween witches hat and my lovely argyle sweater in my banner says a ton about her character. What is she going to say in her next response? That I'm fat?

Third, I find it interesting that my little blog was found at all. The fact that either Ms. Collazo and/or her family find the need to Google her name is a bit narcissistic.

Fourth, if you are going to have an article in the newspaper - expect for a critique. Ms. Collazo may be a fine mother in all the other areas of mothering. Handing your 9 year old child a gun is, in my opinion, not responsible parenting for anyone. Period. To top that off, Ms. Collazo doesn't even own a gun. So it would seem this is a one-time deal for her daughter and I just think there are better uses of one's time. Maybe my views would be different if Ms. Collazo was a card carrying member of the NRA, living out in a rural area and they lived off of what they shot. But this is not the case. The article did not say what would happen to the dead pigs but I doubt the state would allow them to be dressed and brought home to be thrown on the Weber. But then again, this whole issue is insane and I wouldn't put it past the State to do just that.

Fifth, my concern would be and I think I stated it: what IF one of those kids got hurt? The loss of a child is horrible. and in this case needless. What would be next? The lawyers would get involved and who is going to sue whom? If the State was going to be sued, you bet your bippy that it is my right to voice an opinion on the subject.

Sixth, our family enjoys the outdoors and we are avid campers. We live by the creed of leave nothing behind - leave nature just the way you found it. My children are all well rounded individuals. All my adult children are in college and they all graduated high school with honors. I really don't know how that could have happen though because not one of them has ever put a rifle or shotgun in their hands and shot at anything from a target to a living creature (feral or not).

Seventh, Ms. Collazo states she is a Christian. Wonderful. Me too. We'll have to meet up at Panera and you can show me in the Bible where our children are commanded to kill feral hogs. I think I must have missed that verse. Yes, man has dominion over the animals and that is my point. The State should have had a contest for adults and not children.

And finally, I have first hand knowledge of what guns in the wrong hands can do to people. My husband was shot and carries that bullet in his head to this day. Granted it wasn't a hunting accident, it was some thug bent on destruction and robbery but the bullet really doesn't care what it hits. My husband is blind in his left eye and if anyone has a dog in this fight, I think that I do. Again, this is my blog - my voice counts here. If you don't like it then kindly leave.

The simple fact is that the State of Florida should have hired someone to take care of this wild-rabid feral hog population in Manatee County. You do know that the alligators are getting to be a problem to? What is next? State sanctioned kindergartners alligator wrestling?

As for Ms. Collazo, after reading and rereading the piece, I think you really need to complain to them because they, not me, put you in a bad light.



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