Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chewie Zucko: Tell me more, tell me more...

Tobey and I attended the first Musical Theatre production at the high school last night and it was a delight. Chewie got to do-wop back in time and sing the lead from Grease's Summer Nights. He did a bang up job and I was shocked at how much deeper his voice was than Frodo's.

After the performance Chewie and I had a little conversation that went a bit like this:

Mrs. Oh: Great job!
Chewie: Thanks mom. Can I get some knee pads?
Mrs. Oh: No! You just need to stop taking strange women down in the sanddddddd.

Nyuk, Nyuk. Any who - for your viewing pleasure, as promised, here is the video. Don't blame me that this looks like Balloon Boy footage - Tobey ran the camcorder as he did on our vacation. At least he didn't mutter "awesome' throughout the entire performance.


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