Monday, October 26, 2009's a secret

Instead of composing a witty post for today I am doing a little net surfing. Cue the maniacal laughter, poor Tobey has no idea what is in store....

When we took our summer vacation I felt very guilty about not bringing the kids along to Mount Rushmore. Logistically and financially it would have been impossible but I just felt that Rushmore was a 'family' style vacation. So what is a girl to do but plan the next family vacation without informing Tobey.

My plan is in the spring to load up the Shrekmobile and head up to Washington D.C. with all the kids we can cram in and hit all of the sites. I am hoping other than the actual road trip part of the trip that we can camp the entire time which should save a bundle. How George Washington eh?

If you have been to D.C. and know of any must sees - let me know!



"Camp the whole time" and your back doesn't seem to go together....even if you DO pack up the campsite when it's still dark.

This really happened, at 4:30 flipping AM. A few years ago of course.

Me - Snoooore....snooooore.

MrsOh - CLANG! BANG! POW! (the noises her outdoor kitchen makes when being packed in the dark).

Me- What The?

MrsOh - Oh nothing....just trying to get packed up before it starts raining (translation - it's too hot to be camping and i'm trying to wake up Tobey too). Bocchelli anyone? Is Barbie still sleeping in there? (like anyone in the park could still be asleep)

You weren't even there for my Boccelli moment at Salt Springs and those people deserved it! I do believe that other weekend was the July 4th weekend and it was like 138 degrees outside not in the spring like I am planning on our trip to be! And we didn't leave in the middle of the night like some - Papa to mention just one - I have pics from that morning with the rainbow :P

Yes...i have those photos too. You should have been there at Salt Springs when WE were there....LOL!

Maybe we weren't blasting Brown Eyed Girl until 3 am?

Every Smithsonian museum you can find. ;-)

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