Saturday, October 10, 2009

Don't you just hate it when:

I realize you are reading this post on Saturday but I am composing it on Friday night. I know. There used to be a time that I wouldn't be caught dead at home on a Friday night. Anyway, I was contemplating this post and then WHAM some other thought intervened. Don't you hate when that happens? And what is worse is this is what my pea brain came up with:

Shields and Yarnell. Now where the heck did I come up with them? And what ever happened to them anyway? The mind is a strange, strange thing. So on to my post sans Shields and Yarnell.

Tobey and I went to lunch at the Chik-Fil-A on Friday and I noticed something new they are doing at the Chik. Actually, I noticed it last week at the Chik too and I thought it was a fluke but no. During our meal one of the assistant managers came around the table asked how we were doing and took people's cups and refilled them instead of us having to go get in line again for a refill. I suppose they are trying to up their customer service but I just thought it was weird. It was almost like we were in a fine dining establishment only we were at the Chik. So it bugged me a bit. Why? I have no idea. It just did. Maybe we should have a rule that if your drinks come in styrofoam cups you are in charge of getting your own refill.

And while we were eatting we got to enjoy the conversation that was taking place at the next table. Three guys who looked like they were on their lunch hour and I feel bad for two of the three guys because the third guy....I don't think he is going to get invited out to lunch again.

First, he had to discuss getting his teeth cleaned and scraped. Ugh. Then he went on to tell his chums how he was scheduled for a deep cleaning at his next office visit. Like that wasn't bad enough it got worse. He then went on to say the deep cleaning wasn't going to be as bad as his colonoscopy. Yeah. That is what I want to hear while I am chowing down on my nuggets. I told Tobey I couldn't believe what he was talking about while people were trying to eat. But then he just went on and on about it. I finally looked over at them and locked eyes with one of the other guys and I must have summoned the 'Mommy Look' because they quieted down after that.

That's all I got today folks: Chik-Fil-A and Shields and Yarnell.

Oh and one more thing. My spellchecker is highlighting colonoscopy. I thought I spelled it right and when I click on the choices for the correct spelling I get: cloudscape or kaleidoscope. So close and yet so far.



....yet the spellchecker missed "eatting"? Weird.

So close, and yet so far. Snort.

I corrected 'eatting' dang it! I blame the Vicodin that or the double T is the southern spellin'.

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