Friday, October 9, 2009

Piggy back post

The Suburban Correspondent over at The More, The Messier is having some plumbing issues. Her kitchen sink faucet broke and they called a plumber. You read me right, they called a plumber! I had to Google 'plumber' because I surely didn't know what one was. I posted a comment on her blog stating that we could never be friends in real life because I don't want her husband Larry rubbing off on my Do-It-Yourself Tobey. Although secretly I am jealous as all get out.

We did have a plumber in our house once. During the Kitchen remodel-from-hades back in 2006. But it wasn't like we hired the plumber, he was part of the kitchen upgrade package. We do need a plumber though. Desperately. Our under the counter granite sink has slipped. We attempted to repair it. It isn't pretty. In fact it is too ugly to even take a picture of and post here lest my readers run screaming from their computers. Lets just say that Tobey ain't too handy with the caulk gun.

Back to hiring out though. What an ingenious idea. I am way too cheap to hire out on anything I can do a bad job of all by myself. The only thing we hire out for is air conditioning repairs and I have posted enough about our a/c woes.

So I thought I would share the joys of not hiring out professionals to do a job you can botch yourself. Case in point: our living room wall, back when we installed our hardwood floors a few years ago. While the installation wasn't difficult it still was a pain in the butt and there were and are casualties: like the wall that got punched in when Tobey tried to manhandle the crowbar to get the boards nice and tight. Crunch.

I wish I could say I repaired the wall. I thought about doing it, honestly I did. But alas, no. The wall still is crushed in. I justify not repairing the wall because it is hidden behind the couch. The couch or the entertainment center will always be on this wall, so no one will ever see it - unless they read it here. And since I plan on dying in this house, I just didn't see the need to make the repair. I'll let the kids deal with it after I am gone.

The moral of this story? Don't hire out. Unless you want the job done and done correctly. And who wants that, really? I tell myself all of our home improvement projects add character to the house. Character. Yeah, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.



i'd like to dovetail on what Mrs. Ohtobe is talking about here....................

*snarky laff*

I agree on doing the small stuff yourself, light fixtures, flooring, painting etc... But sometimes it's better to call a pro when dealing larger issues, a/c and elec panel box issues come to mind.

If I'm not comfortable doing it, hire it out. It's cheaper than replacing your house after a fire.


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