Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh. My. Gawd. Y'all.

Alrighty my friends: it is time to cue up the theme from The Deliverance for this post. Dah, da-ling, ding, ding, ding, dingdingding...

"Alyssa Collazo with her daughter Cecilia Plummer, one of 20 children who will go on a hog-hunting expedition this month." picture and quote from the sptimes.com

This article appeared in the St. Pete Times online edition yesterday. Go on, read the article. I'll wait.

I don't even know where to begin on this one. The fact that this is a state sanctioned function just boggles the mind. Then there is the thought of a bunch of kids, as young as nine years old, with loaded guns and rifles in a state park and I have to wonder what on earth was the state was thinking. The article states this is a way to get kids outdoors. Really? So this is supposed to be something healthy for these kids to take part in?

And what is this mother thinking? She is proud her daughter wants to kill these hogs because 'they're creepy'. What is that teaching her? Ugly things must be killed? The mother even goes on to say how watching her father and brothers go hunting taught her to be self reliant. I can only assume she thinks this hog hunt is going to foster self reliance in her little girl as well. She goes on to state that it is very primitive and minimalist. It sure is but aren't there other ways to teach that to your child instead of handing them a gun. You want primitive and minimalist? Plant a garden.

Then we have Kenny Baker who coordinates these hunts who states Florida has lost a few generations of hunters. Yeah, so. That isn't a bad thing Mr. Baker. I suppose this is a way that the state can save a few bucks and have kids do the work of what a trained professional should do. If the hogs need to go - fine. But do it in a humane way. Giving these kids guns to shot at the hogs is in no way humane and if the first shot isn't a kill shot, then it is downright cruel.

Now I am in no way a PETA kind of person but I am a Common Sense kind of person. And this flies in the face of intelligent decision making. I hope that no one is injured or killed by these shotgun toting tots. But then again, guns don't kill people....stupid parents that-let-their-kids-participate-in-this-asinine-outing kill people.



9? That's old. Now a 5 year old....that's scary..



They prolly had that kid in camo diapers.

I am the mother in the paper (Alyssa). This ridiculous blog was brought to my attention so I felt it necessary to reply. First of all, I am far from some banjo-toting redneck. I am a mom, a Christian (not Catholic) one at that. I love my daughter very much. And it baffles me how much judgement comes from one quote in the paper. I do not own a gun nor do my children. Hunting is a very primitive act, here before stupid looking hats and tacky argyle sweaters. Perhaps if we get outside with our children and allow them to experience (safely and supervised) what God intended, then we would have more well-rounded and intelligent adults in 10 years. And you're right, guns don't kill people. They kill useless destructive and over-populated feral pigs.

This is for your eyes only, Mrs. Ohtobe. That woman happens to be my little sister. In no way did my parents ever teach us to kill what is ugly. Hunting is a way of life where we grew up. And we are all successful, beautiful, educated people. (She's a gorgeous woman, isn't she?) Comments like that are simply a product of pure ignorance. Hunting is a choice. How we raise our children is a choice. My sister does not have a problem with hunting. She, and I, have a problem with the abusive, immature remarks of uninformed people who have nothing better to do than attack innocent children and their perfectly wonderful mothers. You have a choice to expose your children to what you believe to be appropriate. In no way do you have the right, or will you ever have the right, to impose your beliefs on anyone else. What does it matter to you if children hunt? What a strange thing to worry about. Now, if they were coming into your house and forcing your child to kill hogs, I'd understand your concern. Let's use our power of words for positive purposes. Why not pray for their safety instead of lashing out at people you know nothing about? And this blog is supposed to serve what purpose, exactly? To spread venom? What a noble purpose, indeed.

You can read my comments about what Ms. Collazo and her sister had to say here: http://mrsohtobe.blogspot.com/2009/10/response.html

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