Monday, October 12, 2009

Are you skered too?

I love the People of Walmart site. Love, love, love it. But I am afraid my friends. Very afraid. That one day I will visit that site and there will be a picture of me on there. My fear stems from learning the other day that one of my coworkers saw me at Wal-Mart. And they didn't say hello.

They didn't say hello because I had no makeup on. Hadn't brushed my hair in God knows when and I can only imagine what I was wearing. So I think my fear is a valid one. Some day I will be one of those folks featured on People of Walmart.

Shopping aside though, remember our Movie Mondays? Whatever happened to those posts you may be wondering. Well, we (that being Tobey and I) haven't been to a movie since Star Trek came out. Movies for our family are a major undertaking and with popcorn, soda and JuJuBees the cost can dang near break the bank. A typical movie and snacks usually set us back by $80-$100.

Butter and Frodo did go see ZombieLand the other night and I am going to twist her arm ask her nicely to do another review for us in the next few days. I swear that girl is my most favorite daughter-in-law.

And finally: be sure to stop by and read Ree over at the Hotfessional and leave her a comment. She is donating .10 cents per comment for the month of October to her annual Save the Boobies Campaign. All proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Great cause. Great gal. Great read.



I'm surprised I haven't shown up there!

I think we are all destined to be featured there - our 15 minutes of fame!

Thanks for the link sweetie! And there's a Walmart opening near home day after tomorrow. I'm scared...

LOL @ Ree and your welcome.

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