Friday, October 16, 2009

They were on sale!

Max & Daisy in their Halloween costumes.

Don't they look ready for the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown? Petsmart actually had a "Captain Jack Sparrow" doggie outfit but Tobey wouldn't let me get the whole ensemble for Max. As it was, Max didn't seem to mind not having the jacket to go with the pirate hat. They did have the ballerina pink tutu and I half contemplated getting it for Daze but I knew the boys would just kill me if I did.


Did y'all watch the great balloon chase in Colorado? A few of us watched a little bit of the chase on in my cubby. I have a few questions:

1. Who on earth names their kid 'Falcon'? Was the mystery brother that reported Falcon climbing into the balloon named 'Eagle'? Does Falcon have a sister named 'Hummingbird'? And finally shouldn't atleast one of the parents be named Dodo?

2. Who on earth would build a "low-flying" balloon like that and keep it tethered (full of helium) at their house?

3. I just read that the family was featured on Wife Swap - so that 'splains a lot Lucy.

Hoping all my reader (sic) has a wonderful weekend!



I had the same thought about the kid's name...who does that??

They were on CNN last night being interviewed, and had the gall to act offended by the questions being asked.

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