Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way Back Wednesday: The British Invasion

One of the benefits of being an Air Force brat was the luxury of living in different countries around the world. We lived in England for four years and left in 1972. My mother always had to note that we also moved four times during our four year stay. I don't remember much from our stay in England but I do remember the fish n' chips and Smarties.

The few pictures below are from a trip we made to London and in the backdrop is Lanthorn Tower which is one of the 21 towers that make up London Tower. Lanthorn Tower was constructed between 1238-1272.

Mom, Yeti and I at the cannons around the towers. In current pictures of the cannons, that I found on the 'net, they are now chained off and you can't climb on them anymore.

Yeti, me and Mom in front of Lanthorn Tower.

Mom, me and Yeti. Yeti sure is rockin' those striped pants out.


Feesh an cheeps! Is this where your mom got the green meat recipe? i think that would be a great idea for a Thursday recipe post.

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