Saturday, November 7, 2009

Barefoot in the Chorus Room

Are you sitting down for this one? I am sure you are but I will give you a few seconds to get seated just in case you weren't.

Nappy had a performance at the school tonight for Drama. He performed an ensemble piece from Biloxi Blues and then he performed two monologues which were top notch. Luckily I got to share this little diddy with him before his performance - it was my little way to calm his nerves.

When we arrived at the school Tobey reached under the driver's seat for his flip flops. Now Tobey wears flip flops everywhere and has a pair stashed in each of our cars so this isn't something unusual for him. But apparently I wore his floppies in to the house and I forgot to re-stash his shoes back under the seat. So when he reached and couldn't retrieve panic ensued. It was too late for him to run home and get a pair of shoes on. What could we do?

Luckily enough I had a pair of pumps in the car and I was wearing my pink and orange Puma tennis shoes. I knew Tobey wouldn't go for wearing the pumps so I offered to switch into the pumps and he could wear my tennis shoes. There really wasn't any other options. Tobey wedged his feet into my pink shoes and we headed into the school.

Once inside and seated Tobey shoved him feet so far beneath his chair he looked like he was creating a new yoga position but I did manage to snap a picture.

I was laughing so hard I was crying and Chewie was telling Tobey we weren't laughing at him but with him. I don't think Tobey bought it for a moment though. So next time you have a child performing before an audience skip the whole 'envision the audience in their underware' speech and go straight for the Dad who wore pink shoes to his son's performance.


Ooooooooooo...........guess who's getting shoes for Christmas!


He won't wear em I tell ya. To him flip flops are a dress shoe!

i was reduced to flip flops due to forgetting my Teva's at home. And i hate flip flops....funny story though.

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