Friday, November 6, 2009

How neat is that?

When I work on my WBW posts I usually check in on my family tree page to see if there are any new updates and I try to log a little bit of tree-finding time. Last night I noticed that someone was looking at my pictures there and they were copying them to their family tree which contained my Gran and my mom's sister.

So I sent the person a quick note saying I had more family pictures if they were interested and they responded. Come to find out it was my aunt's daughter-in-law who just signed up on ancestory that day. I don't recall meeting all of my aunt's sons but I do remember when we came back from the Philippines that she and one of her boys came down for Christmas. Here is a picture of Uncle Henry and I think this is Jeff but I really am not sure.

And here is a picture of me, Yeti and Matt in front of Gran's Christmas tree with our dog Molly. The year was 1976. I was 10. Apparently the BX had a sale on those snazzy striped shirts and not that you would notice but my hair really hasn't changed a ding-dang bit in 33 years.

The 'net is a wonderous thing and all I can say is 'how neat is that!"



Your shirt looks like something the Brady kids would wear, not to bad for the time.

Mine however............looks like I raided Ferdinand Marcos's closet before we left the Philippines!


You do look a little "Pimp-Daddy". And really - what 8 year old doesn't want to throw that look down! LOL

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