Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Way Back Wednesday: The Snape Chronicles

Do you have those little moments in your life when something you see or hear happens and BAM - something pops into your head and then you think to yourself you are going to burn in hell forever for your thoughts?

I sorta live that life. I see things. BAM. I think something weird or bad and I just know I am going to get to take the great elevator ride south after this life is over.

Case in point:

My Great Gran. And don't those planters look a tad funerial? But that isn't the express elevator to hell thought.
This is: I can't look at that particular picture of my Great Gran without having this picture pop into my head. The boggart Snape turned into Augusta Longbottom scene from Harry Potter. Yeah. My Great Gran reminds me of Snape in drag. Nice eh?
Can you say ground level to the firey pit of sulphur?
Anywho - I squishy heart Snape and Alan Rickman! Even in drag. Must be remnants of my misspent youth pining over Boy George.


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