Monday, December 21, 2009

The Carols: The Top Three

You know if I never have to listen to another version of Silent Night I would be just fine with that. I don't know why but of all the carols in the world I simply do not like Silent Night. Maybe it is too slow. I have something against slow music it seems. Slow hymns too. I want pep in my tunes; Christmas included.

I know you are wondering what are Mrs. Oh's top three carols - so here is the list in no order of import:

- The Holly and The Ivy: just love it. Whenever I hear this song I picture carolers from Dickens' time and it makes me long for a wool red coat and a muffler. The kind that keeps your hands warm not the kind that is under your car.

- Mary Did You Know: did she and she might have but Clay Walker does this song so much better!

- Sweet Baby Jesus: which I can't find a link for.

Finally, Tobey wanted me to mention him in my post tonight. So I have. He is off work until the first of the year while I have to toil away. The bum. Cute bum but bum nonetheless.


awww. well at least he's getting a break for once that man works wayyy too much. My favorites are deck the halls, carol of the bells, and all i want for christmas is you the (mariah carey version), mainly because i enjoy singing them. :) Hope your having a good day :)

I love those too especially the Mariah one: alllll I want for Christmasssss is YOUUuuuuuuu. Atleast I can carry a tune in comments!

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