Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Garland

If you are like me you have a ton of Christmas cards both old and new. I love the beautiful sentiments and art that can be found on most cards and I never toss them out after the season is over with. Usually I tuck cards here and there and for the last few years I string old cards on ribbon and hang them over our doors.

Then the other day I saw some lovely postcard ornaments for the Christmas tree and that got me to thinking I could do something else with these cards.

I got out my Christmas scrapbook papers and some fancy-schmancy paper cutting scissors. First I cut out the design from the front of the card and glued it to a matching scrapbook paper. I then punch a hole in the cards and strung them together using leftover rick rack.

I cut the rick rack in 10 inch segments and then knotted them through the holes. Super easy.

I then added my new garland to the top of our china cabinet and I think it turned out really festive and cute. I have a few more strands to make to hang in the kitchen and I'll post those pictures when I get done.

What crafty things have you done this season?



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