Friday, December 18, 2009

More Christmas

Before we start today I have a public service announcement:

While I secretly admire and sometimes want to switch husbands with one of those husbands that dress the outside of their homes in lighted fancy lights; please make sure when you are done with your lighting that your yard/house display does not make one want to go into epileptic fits. Do not string all of your blinking blue lights on one bush and then all your red lights on a different bush and green ones on yet another bush and then have them all flash out of sync. It gives me fits y'all. Fits.

In four days we will celebrate Max's two year anniversary from when he decided to come live with us.
A little ornament I painted and I just love him almost as much as Max. But not quite.

Mom gave me this little rocking horse gal years ago because I just loved her so. Still do.

The wreath in the kitchen window and the holiday garland above the cabinets. Next year I plan on doing individual wreaths on all the cabinet doors.

One of Mom's little German-style ornaments that is hanging on her Elephant Tree at the front door.

I love this little bathing reindeer. A bubble bath looks so inviting and I think I am going to have to put that on my list of things to do this weekend.

Homemade Santa cinnamon sticks. The kids made them in school years ago and Mom swiped mine so I went out and made a ton for the tree. They are super easy to make and uber cute.

I love this little ornament. It was attached to a Christmas gift I received as a girl from my aunt when she was stationed in Germany.

Another homemade ornament and the sequins look a lot straighter in reality.....just tilt your head like you do when you look at our angel topper.

And finally my little unicorn from my teen years when I loved unicorns so.



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