Thursday, December 3, 2009

We interrupt this post...

I will be posting the infamous Hermit recipe tomorrow as I am feeling a bit under the weather tonight.

It seems my annual Christmas-time cold is upon me a few weeks early. The joy. My glands are swollen and dang if one nostril is all stopped up. Not both nostrils, I could live with that. Just one. I have coated my throat and nose with vapor rub and still: one nostril. I have taken DayQuil and NiQuil and every Quil inbetween and still: one nostril all stuffy. And if that wasn't bad enough I am hearing this thwop, thwop sound in my right ear. It sounds like a helicopter. On the side of my face were the unstopped nostril is.

What's up with that? If things are going to be all stuffy, my OCDness wants all the problems on the same side of my head. It is driving me nuts. And to top it all off - we are in a Tornado Watch until 10 p.m.

The joy continues.



I hate the one nostril thing. It is even worse when it bounces from nostril to nostril. :(

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