Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Way Back Wednesday: Christmas 1973: California

Yeti, Matt and Mom

Mom, Yeti, Me and Matt

Spoiled Much?


Nice haircut on Yeti - great orange couch too. I'm pretty sure my grandmother is still using that same phone.

OK. Its not bloody Christmas yet. OK?

Aww mutley from the UK - home of Dickens' Scrooge (how apropos)here we put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving - except that one time I put it up the first week of November. But you are not alone - if it were up to Tobey he would put the stuff up the day before Christmas and have it all down on the 26th!


The Imposter Cars! (the blue Grelim Yeti is holding)

I think those are the only pics of me in the 70's were I'm not wearing
some goofy pair of pants!!


I think the cowboy vest and the pre-Harry Potter shirt make up for the pants!

I will be on my own again this year. No family to speak of. Can I have an invite? just joking - I guess I do get a bit sad/morose and jealous - sorry for the swear word.

You are more than welcome to crash our Christmas shindig as long as you bring me some Smarties!!

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