Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Time

During Christmas I found a little stash of 'ceramics yet to be painted'. I pulled them all out and have been on a painting kick ever since. This Snowgal was from Mom's collection and I enjoyed painting her. Along with her came an unpainted Santa and I have added him to my painting queue.

I picked up this Santa a year or two ago at the Hobby Lobby back home. With him are 3 more Santas and two Christmas trees. I am really happy with the way this guy came out despite having to paint most of the details by using a toothpick.

I also found several (4) Christmas houses that needed to be painted and I still have a huge box in the laundry room containing not one but two LOTR chess sets that I gave up - and they still need to be done.

So much ceramics and so little time. Thus is my life.



They look really good, nice job

Thanks Silindile!

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