Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh we need Art classes


Last weekend we played Luck of the Draw. The idea behind the game is simple. Everyone draws the same thing and then you blind vote on the picture that best describes a random catagory. For example: Below is Tobey's submission for Miss America.

Cripes - he drew me! And he thinks this is what Miss America is supposed to look like? Broad shoulders, lop-boobied and whithered arms. Now I am going to wonder every time he tells me I am beautiful.

"Were is Nemo?" Spelling is apparently a challenge for us as well. By Nappy.

Another Nappy-ism: "....poorly drawlyn"

This one was for metamorphisis: catilpilars and cacoons. Oh my.

I can't remember what the subject on this one was but it made me snort laugh until I cried. Robert DeNiro never had it so good!


It's better than I can do. I think the bottom subject must have been turtlenecks.

I think it was for 'milking it' but turtlenecks work too!

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