Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

It has been a while since I posted a Mrs. Oh's Mommilie. It isn't that there haven't been plenty of them to go around. Especially if you are carrying on a conversation with Barbie.

For example:

Barbie who has suddenly become a mechanic overnight was telling us about her new car and all of its problems. Or problems she thinks it has. I think I mentioned somewhere that Barbie is a hypochondriac of the highest degree and apparently she doesn't just limit that to self-diagnosing diseases of the week on just herself. She does it to all of our 5 pets. And now her car.

She was saying something about her spark plugs and how they get a carbon fluid build-up. Carbon. Fluid.

And then we were shopping last night and we came across a lovely display of candles. I am sure you have seen them. In a jar. With a big letter on the front of the jar. Manograms. As in "Hey Mom, those manogram candles are cool."

"Huh? What kind?"


Alrighty then.

Any who: we have been doing a little spring cleaning and I am determined to organize and declutter. We are also having company next week and I am SO excited! Butter's Mom is coming down to visit for a few days and I just love her to death. I am going to have to give her a bloggy name though and I figure Mrs. Butter works for me! Does that make her sound like syrup?


My goodness you have been posting every day! I liked the one about Haiti - I dont have five kids just two but I am a single parent. Thats a bit harsh sometimes on the old money front...

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