Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just go with it....

The other day Tobey and I lunched at our favorite Thai place. While munching my Pad Thai I noticed something that I see way too often. A elderly woman in her 80's was lunching with a man I have to assume was her son. He just gave off the air that he was too important for us peons. And for his lunch companion.

They sat and he drank tea while the woman ate her lunch. And they sat in silence. Not a word was exchanged. He had the posture I know so well from having texting teens: pushed back from the table and slightly hunched over, both hands in his lap and his gaze was not on his lunch partner but on his cell phone.

Now do these people think that the rest of the world isn't aware that they are texting? I can just imagine his Mom asking him to lunch and him agreeing only to sit there not plugged into her. I tell you my friends, it really twerked me beyond belief. I would give anything to have lunch with my Mom again and I can guarantee you that she would have my undivided attention. This guy though, I can see him texting throughout his mother's funeral.

Now if you are going to be so blatantly rude why not be proud of it and bring that cell phone above the top of the table! Why try to hide it? Personally, I think the solution to this problem would be to bring back the phone booth. If you need to make a call or send a text, you go in the booth, close the door and carry on with your business away from the rest of the world that still manages to have a modicum of manners. Let's write our Congresspeople!

As you can see I have failed miserably to be a kinder, gentler Mrs. Oh this year. So why not discuss a few important things that will aid in the Mrs. Ohtobing of the world, beginning with:
  • Cell phones. I told Tobey they are going to be the downfall of mankind at that lunch. How self-important are we that have to carry on loud conversations for all to hear? To me there is nothing more rude than being with a group and you are all involved with your phone. I don't tolerate it - just ask my kids.
  • Cell phones again but while driving. It needs to be banned. That goes for texting, sexting and hexting too! A few of y'all (and you know who you are) can't drive for beans when you aren't on the phone, so how about we just concentrate on one little thing at a time. M'kay?
  • And finally about cell phones: we have a 'no cell phone while driving' because some of us who shall not be named Tobey, Simba and Barbie seem to have a dodgey driving record. How about you don't call when you know Tobey is driving. Like when we just leave the house and someone calls 2 minutes after we pull down the drive to ask if they can have ice cream. I mean really. Enough with the cell phones already. And whatever you do, do not ever message me when you are in the same house as I am. Ever. Brimstone and fire will ensue.
  • What about those 'Mass emails'? How about you take my name out of the mix if you aren't actually speaking to me. Because I don't need to 'pass on this special angel hug' or 'break the money chain'. If you have been a booger to me and we aren't talking and haven't for years: remove me. Please. Because I think your email is going to be something important, oh I don't know, like an apology.
  • Stop complaining about your job. Just do it. If you are asked to do something extra, yeah you aren't paid to do it but hey, here is a crazy thought: just do it anyways. 99% of the time you expend more energy complaining about the task then actually doing it. That also can apply to chores! And while I am complaining: how about we stop complaining...I'll let those who do the complaining go first and I will try to follow suit.
  • And how about those drivers that have to stop 2 car lengths behind the car infront of them. Most of those drivers seem to have Quebec license plates. I know. I need more diversity training. But still: pull up already - that light only stays green for so long in the States!
  • Man shoppers. It needs to be repeated folks. Take notes this time! We'll have a test soon.

I think that is enough for now. I don't want to overwhelm folks.



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