Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello lover...

I really have no need for your sleek, black, 575 watts of mixing goodness. Really I don't. I already have a mixer. Sure it isn't a Kitchen Aid but it can whip up a single batch of Christmas cookies without problem - as long as I don't triple the recipe. So you see: I can survive just fine without your $400 self, Professional 600 series, 6 quart bowl lift stand mixer.

Tobey though - well he couldn't resist you. Fortunately for Tobey I whipped out a 20% coupon and the deal was done. You should have heard Tobey mumbling on about the additional $40 rebate and two year subscription to Food & Wine. He was a mess. I let him know it was his Valentine's Day present. He is so simple to buy for.

I won't go in to detail here - no, not me - but Tobey had to be the first to use you by making Honey-Oatmeal bread. He poured in the dry ingredients and began to stir on Speed #2 just like the instructions said. He then wondered why nothing happened. The flour, yeast, oats and salt never combined. I then had to point out that he actually need to 'lift' the bowl up. Ahhhhhh.

Yeah, I so didn't need you in my life but since you're here - I might as well use you too!

Honey-Oatmeal bread anyone?



I love my Kitchenaid!

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