Monday, February 1, 2010

Redrum, Redrum....


How do you like the Valentiney banner? It makes my eyes bleed but it is only for a few weeks until we get to partake in the blarney bliss of green shamrockdom. A few months ago I made all the holiday banners I could think of in advance. But I am having second thoughts. I mean really - how hard is it to throw some hearts on your banner and call it a day?

I was thinking of making banners for weird and obscure holidays and events. Which reminds me...

A few weeks ago I read an article in the compelling about some hooplah going on over the free calendars Publix gives out. It seems some lady radio DJ here in Florida took offense to the Publix calendar mentioning that December 7th was the start of the Islamic New Year but failed to mention that it was Pearl Harbor Day too.

People then complained to Publix and they pulled the calendars off their shelves as not to offend anyone. Now those calendars are filled with coupons and I for one am peeved over the pulling of said calendar. I guess I just will never understand folks. Especially stupid folks.

But that got me to doing some investigation of my own. I have a few calendars at the house and I think 3 at work. None of them mention Pearl Harbor Day. Not a one. So maybe I will change my banners to the things that aren't mentioned on the calendars any more. Like National Wear Your Underwear Inside-Out Day. Won't that be fun?



It has always been a pet peeve of mine because it seems like the last few years in the papers, Pearl Harbor is sorely neglected. My kids barely even know about it, so little time is spent on it in school. It was such a pivotal, tragic day in our country. What? In the coming years will 9/11 be buried over. Never forget.

I applaud that woman, but having said that, I love me some Publix coupons, too! I love the occasional 5.00 one that comes in the mail. Did you know that our Publix, our Florida Publix was voted as national grocery store of the year, last year? It's a great store. The only way I'd stop shopping there is if a Whole Foods came to town.

I love me some Publix BOGOs!

Thats because everyone saw the movie and that caused "them" to remove Pearl Harbor Day since no woman should be knocked up by Ben Affleck before getting killed in the end.....

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