Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tobey we aren't in Kansas anymore.....

Yesterday I got a note on Facebook from my main man #3 Andrea Bocelli. I won’t get into my love/hate relationship I have with Facebook right now but it does keep me connected whether I like it or not. When it comes to Bocelli, I like it. A lot. Yeah I know he is blind and he isn’t actually updating his Facebook page but….I like to think he is and that he is just sending his little messages only to me.

I also think that Clay Walker’s Tweets are solely for my pleasure as well. Don't go burstin' my bubble.

So Andrea – yes, we are on a first name basis – sends me a link to download Bridge Over Troubled Water which he dueted with Mary J. Blige on the Grammys. Dueted? Dueteded? Anywho - I click on his link and I take a listen and people….it was in Italian. The little hairs on my chin neck stood on end. The 7.6 second demo was that good cuz those hairs are curly and they lay down pretty well. But then again it is Bocelli and he could sing the alphabet and I would be drooling.

Now Tobey and I go out to lunch and I am telling him about the link, the song, the Italian version and he thought I didn’t like it. See how well he knows me? I explain to him that it was perfection and that there is no better tenor in the world. Period.

Well my friends, do you know what that Tobey had the tenacity to do? He disagreed. With me! This has happened maybe 300000000 times in the 10 years we have been married. I asked him who has a better voice than Bocelli and you will not believe who he said. You probably won’t even know this person but he said, “Steve Walsh.”

*Bueller, Bueller*

From Kansas.

*sounds of crickets chirping*

Kansas who hasn’t had a hit in the last 35+ years Kansas.

*cue the cicadas*

Kansas who used to fill stadiums and had Van Halen as their opening act Kansas.

Kansas who must be so hard up they played the cruddy State Theatre in St. Pete a few years ago and we actually went to see them out of pity or it was Tobey’s birthday present (maybe pity on both of them) – that Kansas.

Now what is a girl to do? I decided to let y’all, my faithful reader (sic), decide who is better: Bocelli or Walsh? And go download Bridge – proceeds go to Haitian Relief. And don't bother Googling Walsh - everyone has heard Dust in the Wind one too many times already.



I love Andrea Bocelli, love him. I thought he and Mary J Blige did a phenomenal job together.

It sounds like our husbands have the same kind of musical taste. My husband is stuck in the 80's. He's more of a punk guy, like Devo and Thompson Twins, (remember them?) But, he dragged me out to the St Pete Food and Wine Festival one year to see Eddie Money! Eddie Money! Who he just thinks is amazing.

I hate Kansas. I always have. I'm big into the lyrics of songs and those guys were all about the depressing. All we are is dust in the wind? How much more morose can you get? I'm with you on this one, Mrs. Oh, Andrea all the way.

I didn't realize Bocelli was blind. He does have an incredible voice.

I think I'd pick him over the guy from Kansas.

ROFL @ Eddie Money - *sings* take me home tonight....all the way to Italy!

Agree with ya Lisa - of course Tobey had to pull up Kansas videos last night and I kept telling him that wasn't Steve Walsh singing but David Carradine!

Robert Plant



Pft - I know you would go see Men without Hats in a heartbeat Matt! Which I heard Safety Dance on the radio while taking the boys to school the other day - and I thought of you!

The reason you're pissed at Facebook is because of all of my Nietzsche quotes.....LOL!

I do hate those random quote things! I take it you cast your vote for Bocelli because he plays so well even when camping?

You're comparing Led Zeppelin to Men without hats.....?

Are you off your meds again?



Yeah, yeah! Hey whatever happen to Men at Work?

They still tour I think. They came to Wild Adventures a few years back...but I didn't see them.


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