Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Strawberry Festival and The Clay

After the last few days of non-stop rain, Saturday was gorgeous and just perfect for spending the day at the Strawberry Festival.

4 billion of our closest friends also showed up.

First up was the ferris wheel.

I love the fact that a few haphazardly placed cotter pins held us up. I won't mention the sound of rusty metal shavings sliding up and down inside the pipes as we spun around...

Oh yeah, the strawberries....which is why we went there in the first place....

Clay. *le sigh*
At this point in the concert he was asking the audience if anyone knew a Mrs. Ohtobe...

"Mrs. Oh, I can't hear ya? Wanna run off with me?"

"Mrs. Oh - I'll meet ya in the tour bus!"

Not really. Like I fooled y'all.
But let me tell you what my wonderful husband did. I swear every day that passes I love him more than the day before:

We were sitting on a bench waiting for the concert gates to open when I young dad strolled past us. He had 3 little girls seated in two umbrella strollers and he was having issues driving both strollers at the same time. He stopped right in front of us, had problems with the strollers and asked if we knew where the stroller rental place was.

Tobey said he knew and gave the Dad directions. Then Tobey jumped up and offered to help the Dad all the way back to the rental place. Tobey grabbed the extra stroller like he was an old pro at it and walked with the Dad to get a stroller big enough for all 3 girls. A little while after Tobey returned the Dad came by and thanked Tobey again.

Truly this man-o-mine has such a sweet soul. And even though Clay was pleading from the stage for me to run away with him - how could I when I have the best husband on the planet.

And yeah, I'll be posting all the concert pics on my Slideshow toolbar in the next few days.



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