Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crash, boom, bang...

Yesterday afternoon after much rain - Tobey heard a loud crash coming from the backyard...

He goes out back and finds one of the limbs to our shade tree down.

Not all the way down....yet.

The height of the mess is over 10 feet tall!

And this is the view from the inside of our only remaining swing.

The branch took out Buddy's swing though. The one we got after sweet Buddy passed away in April 2007. I told Tobey we will have to see if there is anything salvagable from the destruction the branch caused. It flattened the top bar of the swing like it was a pancake.

Thankfully, the kids weren't outside when this happened. And the puppies are all safe too - this could have been much, much worse. Now all of our shadey area where the swing(s) were is gone. And as a harbinger of bad news: when we were at Kirk's house after he died, his wife wanted us to take his chainsaw. Now why Kirk even had a chainsaw is up for debate but we declined. The thought of Tobey and a chainsaw just frightens me. I like him with all his digits and limbs just the way they are, thankyouverymuch. Looks like we are going to have to atleast ask to borrow it now!

But all of the clean-up will have to wait until tomorrow. Today Tobey and I are going to the Florida Strawberry Festival! I am going to eat some shortcake and bring berries back for Nana and GrandDaddyTobey. Tobey? He is going strictly to see my (as Lil Martha calls him) 'redneck singer', Clay Walker!

Have a great weekend and be sure to stop by tomorrie for a Clay Strawberry Festival update.

*Oh. And the folks at just rock. Last year when we went to Wild Bill's to see Clay...I *embarassed* CW fan club. I know, I know. Last time I joined a fan club was at the height of Shaun Cassidy's stardom. But by being a member, you can win a chance for a meet n greet with Clay. Long story short - since the beginning I have had problems logging into their fan website. I contacted them, they reset everything and extended my membership due to all the problems I had. Wasn't that great? Well. Great sorta. They could have had Clay come by personally to extend it...he is in the neighborhood afterall.... And what does Tobey say about all of this?

Tobey: You joined his fan club? *looks at me like I was a loon*
Me: Yep, joined last year snugglebunny.
Tobey: They don't charge you do they?
Me: Um. Er. Well. Sortof.
Tobey: *gives me his patented "You ARE a loon" look*
Me: *sheepish smile* I love you honeybun.
Tobey: I so love you more!

In his dreams!



Oh no!!! Thank God no one was hurt!

I live in the woods and we have some of the most splendid Grandfather Oaks I've ever seen. When we were building we had to get special permits for 2 of the oaks because of their size. When we pulled the permit, we found out that one of them had been estimated as the 4th largest oak in the county. And so we had to have state arborists come out and inspect it. They said it was about 220 years old!

I guarded this precious tree with my life during the build, standing beside it any time we had heavy equipment out at the site. 2 weeks after we moved in started the summer of the hurricanes where we never got a break from the madness. During Hurricane Jean, a tornado ripped through our backyard and pulled up many trees and yes, both my grandfather oaks. I was devastated.

The one oak died right away. The other one, the big one, had to have over half of it trimmed away because it fell on my neighbor's house. Miraculously, the root bulb replanted itself into the ground and now we have this majestic tree that lays on the ground, alive and well. It's wonderful. It's the best climbing tree for all the kids around these parts. The state arborist was amazed. He said trees rarely do that. there's a reason she's 240 years old.

Sorry about the long comment, today. Just 2 more things!

Have fun at the Strawberry Festival. Make sure you visit the build your own strawberry shortcake booth inside the tent. That's the best one.

And yeah, fan clubs? U2 gets my 40 bucks every year. And I don't care what anyone says. Bono's worth it.

Blimey! Well have fun at the festival my dear. I once saw a huge tree go down in a storm in the British Midlands. I was about 50 yards away and it was weird and frightening. Take care...

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