Monday, March 29, 2010

A week and a half to 10 days...

A little while back Kimmie over FrogPondsRock wrote a post regarding her Mom and as always it tore my heart out and made me miss my Mom all over again. These days while I miss my Mom I can get by without crying. Most days. It has been five years after all - shouldn't I be over this by now? But for Kim, losing her Mom last summer, her hurt and loss are too new still. And I cry for her when she cries for her Mom. I just view her and I as two motherless mutts stuck out in the internet...


So Kim posted this a while back.

And I decided to send her some American chocolate. I asked her if they had Hershey bars and Reese's cups and she said they didn't. Luckily Publix had their candies on sale that week buy one - get one and I had coupons too. So I picked up a few bags of random candies and MnMs. But that wasn't enough. I wanted to send her the Cookies n Cream Hershey bar and Chewie and I stopped by Wally World. Big candy mistake. What to choose? How can you choose just a one or two?

That was easy. I pretty much chose everything. Chewie piped in with his views on what to send and since it is Easter he said we also had to send Peeps. I wonder if Kim has Peeps in Tazzieworld? I wonder if she knows you can stick toothpicks in them and pop them in the microwave and have Peep Jousting which is great fun for the kids.

After I arrived home with my chocolate goodies I packed up her box and waited until the next day to get to the Post Office. Then on my morning break I walked the box over to ship it off. I was not happy to see that my usual Post Dude Doug was not on duty but what the heck eh. I plop my box on the counter and this is what happened next:

Postal Office Worker: *typing in the zip code*
Mrs. Oh: *watching the screen, reading priority mail shipment, eyes bugging out*
Postal Guy: "That'll be $95."
Mrs. Oh: "I think you misunderstood me. I just want to send the package. I don't want you to fly me there to hand deliver the thing!"
Postal Dweeb: "That's the rate."
Mrs. Oh: "I should have checked with UPS and FedEx." *hoping he would give me a better rate*
Postal Dweeb: *pushing the box back at me* You can check with them, but you will be back. What do you want to do?"
Mrs. Oh: "Is that the cheapest rate?" *not that I was trying to skimp out on Kim in her time of chocolately need or anything*
Postal Pain in the Patootie: "That is the only rate."
Mrs. Oh: "Cripes, it is only chocolate!"
Postal Guy that I no longer am liking: "Chocolate? You need to fill out a customs form."
Mrs. Oh: *things that can not be mentioned on a family friendly blog* *not that my blog is family friendly or anything*
Mrs. Oh: "Oh for the love of M n M Mars and Company: just send the thing.
Mrs. Oh: "When can I expect delivery?"
Math Challenged Postal Dude: "A week and a half to 10 days."
Mrs. Oh: *Isn't that like the same thing dude?*

Now Tobey knew about the box and thought it was a little strange yet sweet to send a package to a bloggy friend. When I got back to the office I had to email him about the postage which went like this:

Mrs. Oh: Ummmm honey, I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you!
Mr. Oh: What did you do now?
Mrs. Oh: Who me? I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly love you babycakes, snookiemuffin, honeybuns!
Mr. Oh: What did you do now???
Mrs. Oh: You remember that box of cost $95 to ship!!
Mr. Oh: Did you check UPS and FedEx?
Mrs. Oh: *not mentioning I checked after the fact* Yep, FedEx wanted $255 and UPS wanted $230 - so lookie at the bargain I got!! I saved us money! Woohooo!
Mr. Oh *who has been wanting to upgrade his cell phone to an expensive one* I guess this means when I get my new phone you won't complain about the cost?
Mrs. Oh: That's right honey! You go get yourself any ole phone your little heart desires!

A little over a week has gone by and Kim got her package yesterday. You can read her post about it here. I am glad she took pictures as I forgot to and besides I couldn't post about it until now as I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

Cheers Kim - from one motherless gal to another!



VERY nice of you! A good blogging friend you are.

Mrs. Oh, I just came over (from Kim's blog) to tell you what a sweetheart you are! How utterly thoughtful. Kim is a dear bloggy friend (whom I haven't yet met but hope to next year when I travel down to Oz). I lost my mom 17 years ago and I know how difficult that can be. I don't think one ever gets over that. So hats off to you for having such a big heart. xoxo - Kristin

I had my first proper dream about Mum the other day, she had come back and fixed everything as Mothers do. It was horrible waking up and remembering the truth. I dont mean to make you sad when I write about my sadness but the support you have given me has been lovely.

As for the postage EEEEEEEK When I saw $95 I nearly fell over.

I am fascinated by the peeps they are just so cute. I did share the turtles and now I wished I hadn't lol.

I have put the chocolate away now as David would happly eat it all until it was all gone. But after breakfast I might just have to have a charleston chew and maybe try one of those hershey kisses or or or...

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