Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I don't even know how I come across some of the blogs I find.

Check this post out. Blue Peep Group. *snort laugh*

And while you are at it go and check out Rockin' Robs new logo and vote for what to name his canoe. If you're really nice and vote like I did and we get the majority of votes and he has to name his canoe "ice,ice, baby" well - I'll send you a hershey bar too! Nice runon and on and on sentence there, eh?

Oh and the church signed a lease for a super-cute little building in a high traffic area. The boys are out picking up 50 chairs and a bunch of conference tables that I found on Craigslist for $100. That is if the ad was legit. And not sending them to some wayward hotel room. The guy that responded to my email inquiry's name was Tom Petty. THE Tom Petty? Probably not. But maybe.



Thanks for the link! Glad you liked BPG...now if we could just convince the Washington Post...

It is the WP after all....

Why don't girls grout??? I did most of the countertop & backsplash - it was fun!


Cuz all the grout gets under my nails and ruins my mani!

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