Monday, April 19, 2010

Milk - it does a body good...

The other day at lunch Nappy and Chewie were discussing milk products. What can I say, we have riveting conversations here. Anywho... we find out that Chewie had never heard of Vanilla Milk. He thought Nappy was pulling his leg but I told him they do make a vanilla milk, just like they make chocolate milk, banana milk and strawberry milk.

So what does Chewie say to all of this?

That regular milk is vanilla milk because it is white.

Last Thursday night the high school held a British Comedy Night and we got to see Nappy perform a stand-up routine based on the comedy stylings of Eddie Izzard. It was a hoot and he did a really good job despite it being British and comedy - which in my book is an oxymoron to the nth degree.

Yeah I know. Let the hate mail flow. I'll grant you Monty Python but that really is about it - other than the Eddie. One would think they would have a plethora of material to pull from but alas no. Maybe their humour is too dry for my tastes. *shrugs*



Hi, Mrs Oh!

I'm back from vacation. And I really should be unpacking, but I'm having too much fun catching up with everyone.

I think you either love or hate British comedy. There's no in between. And, like you, besides Eddie Izzard, yeah, it's just a little too dry for my taste. I like the quirky, myself.

Glad to be back.

Glad none of your fears of going all Sonny while on your ski trip came true! ;)

You are right Mrs O, I try desperately to be like all the hilarious Americans myself... ahem...

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