Monday, May 24, 2010

The Honeymoon is over...

After being together almost 11 years it is hard to keep that romance alive....

But I have found such joy in laying in bed and covertly changing Tobey's sleep number from a 45 to a 90 and then down to a 10. What can I say - it gives me the giggles.

On a gloomier note:
I am still reeling over the sudden loss of Rob over at Mutley's. I suppose it is just an exmple of the fraility of life and all that jazz. Not that it will give his family and loved ones much comfort.



You are too funny! Guess a girl has to get her giggles one way or another...hehe Enjoy your weekend my friend! xoxox Susie~

So glad you liked the blog! I happy to know you are stalkerish :) You are hilarious, by the way. Thanks for dropping in.

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