Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something is in the air

Time between my posts is stretching out. Not intentionally mind you - but somehow it is. I won't say I will try to do better, I have already said that and lookie me: it has been over a week since my last posty-o. I have noticed a lot of the blogs that I love to read are in the same funk - folks like me who used to post daily aren't. What is up with us all?


I have been doing a ton of reading. Blog reading that is. Crafty blog reading that is. And I find myself wanting to do crafty things and yet having no desire to actually put in any effort. But we have managed to do this in the last few weeks:

We got this little cabinet when we helped Kim move last month. The edges of it were chewed up and one of the glass panels was missing. And one of the glass shelves was missing too. Well not really. When we put the cabinet in the van to bring it home, I placed the glass shelves on top of the van....and I forgot them there. After about a 1/2 mile of driving down the road we heard this loud shatter behind us. I was looking in the side mirror at the exact time the shelf hit the pavement and that is when I remembered the shelves I had left on the top. Opps.

So anyways - Tobey sanded down the chewed parts and we sprayed her glossy black. My initial idea was to put the glass panels back in but I wanted to store all my cookbooks in the cabinet and I didn't like the idea of them being jumbled in there. Instead I covered the inside with burlap and put some snazzy new glass knobs on. I really love the way it turned out and best of all no one sees the mess inside! Not that it really is going to be a mess - but you know cookbooks - it is so hard to keep them looking nice when they are all different sizes and shapes.

Next up and hopefully this weekend I can start working on curtain panels for that hideous door behind the cabinet.



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