Monday, May 10, 2010

So much to tell....

Nappy and his hose - panty that is!

First off Chewie got to play the king at the high school's madrigal dinner. He is carrying on the family tradition of kingship as Frodo also played the king. I can't tell you the thrill of not once but twice hitting the Wal-Mart with my sons in tow to buy panty hose for them. At least I didn't embarass Chewie like I did Frodo....but that is another story for another day.

Nappy (in red) & Friends

On Friday night we attended the Thespian Banquet with Nappy. Since we were told Nappy would be 'in character' we decided to be in character too. When the drama teacher sat and talked with us it went a little something like this:

Mr. D: *with a heavy Italian accent* So where are you from?

Mrs. Oh: Hollywood.

Mr. D: Oh really?

Mrs. Oh: Yes, I am Angelina Jolie and this is my signficant other Brad Pitt.

Mr. D: How significant?

Mrs. Oh: Not very.

And then we have this:

Will you look at that pretty kitty! Pay no attention to the smashed up car. What a cute kitty! Keep your fingers crossed for Barbie that they are not going to total her car out. The most important thing is that she is ok with just a banged up knee after rearending someone a few blocks from home. Aw, cute kitty eh? Two little words of advise for the future though: Gap Insurance. Get it.

I hope that everyone had a nice Mother's Day. Tobey and I were supposed to see Jason Castro of American Idol fame this past Saturday but about a 1/2 after the concert started we realized that we completely forgot to actually go to the concert.

I had a lovely Mother's Day for the most part. Some things were missing but hey - what can ya do? I am really liking this whole adult children thing too because the presents rock. Both Frodo and Barbie got me roses! Frodo and Butter also gave me Star Trek Scrabble (geeks of the world unite) and Tobey and the boys sent me to heaven with a Lowe's and JoAnn Fabrics gift cards. I can't wait to shop!

And finally in an effort to cull our lives we have been doing some freecycling, craigslisting and ebaying. This week we have given away some plastic patio chairs and some wedding supplies and sold the canoe and ebayed more wedding supplies. Life is good and the money doesn't hurt either!



I think your French is just perfect. Not that I would know if it was right or anything but it sure sounded good to me~ Have a great week ahead my friend! xoxox Susie~

Told you....texting and driving doesn't go together.

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