Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The happiest place on earth...

Today Gail and I will be leaving around lunch time to go to Orlando for the day. Will we be visiting Mickey? No. We will be going to P-Dub's book signing though! Look for pictures in the next few days - that is if I look ultra-cool and skinny in them!


SO fun, so fun, so fun!!! I was able to go to her book signing in DC (really Farifax VA). It was fab and fun!!!! She is so sweet and so real. Have a great time!!!

Hope you have fun :)

I can't read your blog at work anymore, the Feedjit thing and our new internet security don't get along. I get kicked off every time.

Nope. Can't make head nor tail of this. As usual. I am sure you are always ultra cool and skinny - like me ...ahem.

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