Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crafts n Bugs

I hope you didn't notice that woman still dressed in her nightgown this morning. In her backyard. Spray painting. It wasn't me. Honest.

I wanted to show you a glimpse of my latest project. Project 4,430,849.3 to be exact. Am I the only one that starts new projects whilst still having other unfinished projects? I know I can't be alone. Right?


Thanks to a generous freecycler I fell heir to these babies:

Which I somewhat promptly turned into these babies:

Now you may be wondering what on earth I am going to do with all those shutters but you will just have to wait and see. I am hoping to finish this little assignment up by tomorrow - unless I start another project in the mean time.

I did notice the other day that things were actually blooming in the garden. I know. The nerve, right? So while taking a few pictures of the blooms like these:

Er....I thought you were dead. Really.

Hey - where did you come from? I didn't plant you and don't you know growing in my yard is a death sentence?

Finally - after years: I have hydrangea blossoms!

Then I came across this little fellow undressing.

And I ran in the house 17 times to change camera lens. And no, I wasn't still in my nightgown...

And finally came up with this. Look at how beautiful those wings are! Divine design at its best baby!

Happy Saturday to everyone - may all your projects get completed!



Oh, Mrs. Oh!

Somehow, you must have fallen off my Google reader. (I've had it happen before. Blogger hates me.) And I am so sorry, but I have neglected you.

Anway, I'm dying to see what you do with those shuttered pieces of art. The colors are fabulous. And the flowers are gorgeous.

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