Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cars: The Mrs. Oh Definitive List

Tobey and I just got home from shopping and my arm is killing me. We drove past the VW car lot on the way to Lowes and Tobey took the Punch Buggy, No Punch Back thingie to an all new level. Which is so unfair because I can't tell a VW from a Porsche.

*cue some Helen Reddy*

While I am all about women's power and being indepedant and such - when it comes to cars and tools I fail. Sure I can tell a wrench from a drill but when it comes to cars I am lost. So why don't we establish some new automobile rules shall we?

There really are only two types. The sedan and the compact car. The sedan is easy to recognize as it looks like a police car. And the compact car looks like a sedan with the front and rear ends chopped off. Easy-peasy.

They're all the same in my book. Tobey's little Ranger and a Chevy Ram F-Ton-whatchamjigger: they are all the same. They haul stuff and there by they are just trucks. Same goes for U-hauls and Semi's. Just one big happy catagory for them: Trucks.

Now things get a little more complicated but I figure it can be easier if we break this catagory down by usage. If you have a SUV and you are going to dinner then it is a car. If you are going to Lowe's to get fence panels like we just did then it is a truck. This will also include Jeeps just in case you were wondering.

If it has two or three wheels and has a motor it is a motorcycle. No motor and it is a bike. So yes, scooters are motorcycles and then golf carts would be cars but only when going to dinner.

And finally we have what I can only classify as an abomination: The El Camino. Half car. Half truck. "How do you sort this one out" I thought to myself. Again it has to go to usage. Dinner = car. Lowes = truck.

So while Tobey is smacking me around every time he sees a VW and I respond with smacking him back for seeing trees and clouds - I think this little guide will come in handy next time we play Punch Buggy. Spread the word!



An El Camino is like a mullet:

"Business in the front, party in the back."

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