Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: The Microsoft Edition

As you may recall I really loved my little laptop simply because it had lightscribe. Lightscribe that I have used three, yes three times. I paid no attention to the 45k hard drive it came with - I figured I would never, ever fill it up.

And then came video. And my little hard drive which wasn't 45k but 80 gigs was filled up in no time flat. Which lead me to delete files and programs to make more space and then I download another video or two and BAM - no space again. Which then led me to add the Klingon.

Now I have everything of any import on the Klingon and if I can't access the Klingon then Momma ain't happy. How hard is it to plug a usb cable thingy in and access my files you ask? Well. I had 3 usb outlets. One was bent due to a flight to Vancouver. One was filled for my chill pad which had to run due to the overheating problem I never told you about and the third was saved for the Klingon.

Until it stopped working. Well, it worked - when it wanted to and it never seemed to want to during important times like when I was editing the church web site. One shouldn't fume over working on church html and I was fuming - all the time.

So I have no working usb outlet port things except for one and I thought wouldn't it be grand if I got this:

Doesn't that little Tardis usb hub rock your world? It even lights up and makes the vwroop, vwroop noise everytime you plug into it. Way. Beyond. Coolio. Except.

Tobey didn't want to spend the $30 on it. I know. Can you imagine? How can I be married to a non-Doctor Who fan? Anywho - we had a little conversation that went like this:

Tobey: I have a hub you can use.

Mrs. Oh: *remembering the hub was bought 73 years ago and is still in it's unopened package* Is it the Tardis usb hub honey?

Tobey: No, but it is a hub.

I don't know about you but to me this is kinda like me wanting that 1965 Black Stingray and having to drive a minivan instead.

So instead of using the hub we already own we tried changing out the usb cables. None of them worked any better. We even purchased a new cable and still nothing.

To make a long story short: instead of buying the Tardis, Tobey bought me a new laptop. Without Lightscribe noless. And I was okay with that. *come to find out it does have a lightscribe-like function that I have yet to figure out*

So while Tobey was at his all-you-can-eat pancake-eatting man meeting Bible study - I installed all my programs on the new computer. It took me three hours and all was good in the world.

Until I checked my e-mail and got nothing. Now I am not a moron - I can set up an email account properly but still - nothing. I even let Tobey try and I have never told you this but I never, ever let Tobey touch my computer. Ever. Why you ask? Because when it comes to computers Tobey is Tim The Toolman Taylor. Moooooore power. Ugh, ugh. So my computers have always been off limits to him.

Now the interesting thing is that my email sorta kinda worked. I could receive emails but I couldn't send any. So I called Verizon. Twice. And finally had Sanjay from Verizon walk me through the whole setup process. Sanjay informs me that I did a great job setting everything up and there was NO reason my email shouldn't be working. I had a sneaking suspicion that that was the reason I called him in the first place. Have I mentioned how much I just love Verizon?

So I installed Eudora as my email client and I still couldn't get my mail. The interesting thing is that I could check my accounts online through Verizon and they worked just fine - but I couldn't check them with an email program. I installed Office 2007 trial, still no luck.

I am not even going to mention that Photoshop stopped working too. And it took me four hours to get it going again.

Now you may be wondering what thrilling plans we have for this 4 day weekend.

My plans include getting my ding-dang email to work and I will not rest until it is working again. Ok. I may rest. But I won't be happy about it!!

Wish me luck as I unistall 2k7 and reinstall my old office.

Oh and finally - we really need to make a universal keyboard layout. My new laptop keys are all rearranged and in the wrong spots; my delete key is in the backspace spot and vice versa.

And just think, all of this could have been solved if only I got this:



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