Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh Boy!!

The wonderful and uber entertaining Leca over at Leca, Unplugged held a Lia Sophia give-a-way and guess who won?

Give up?


I feel all Sally Field in her Oscar acceptance speech. Leca likes me, she really likes me! Or her random number generator likes me... And do you want to know the horribly sad thing of it all....I read Leca daily. And I read who won the give-a-way and never even put together that it was actually me. Yeah I know, blonde moment? I guess I am so used to losing out on the mixers and cameras on Pioneer Woman that I just couldn't fathom winning!

Anywho - this little baby is coming soon to a wrist near you. Thank you so much Leca - you rock girlie!!


congratulations. YAY!!! You will have to take a photo, so we can see what it looks like on you. :)

You bet - I have been thinking about what outfits to wear it with!

Congrats on your win! I won soemthing once and it made my month! Your comment on my blog made me laugh so hard today. Thanks for stopping by!

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